The experts of ADWISERY provide consultancy services to companies and organisations of all sizes, active in both the private and public sectors. ADWISERY offers a wide spectrum of consultancy services in the business process optimisation and risk management. 

ADWISERY offers customers the services of a wide range in the following areas:

  • Business strategy preparation (according to Balanced Scorecard methodology)
  • Development and increasing efficiency of business processes (sales, customer service, acquisitions, manufacturing and other areas)
  • Increasing human resource management efficiency
  • Development of motivational systems
  • Implementation and increasing efficiency of the risk management processes of organization (ERM) and the Risk management Systems (according to ISO31000)
  • Selection and implementation of risk management solutions
  • Implementation of Anti-Corruption Management Systems (according to ISO37001)

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Contact person:

icon-male Ernestas Lipnickas
icon-phone Mob. +370 605 44444