ADWISERY carried out the project “Office Information and Cyber Security Management Audit Services”

For the Lithuanian Geological Survey under the Ministry of Environment (hereinafter referred to as the Office) we performed a technology vulnerability in the GEOLIS, Register of land depth (hereinafter – RLD), ICT and computer network managed by the Office conformity assessment services for information technology security management compliance with the requirements of Lithuanian legal acts regulating information and cyber security and protection of personal data and information security risk assessment.

We provided the Office-managed GEOLIS, RLD, ICT and computer network technology vulnerability, information technology security management apertity and information security risk assessment services, which included:

  • Services of GEOLIS RLD, ICT and computer network technological vulnerability assessment;
  • Conformity assessment services of the Office’s information technology safety management;
  • Information security risk assessment services managed by the Office.

Objects of information security risk assessment:

  • 3 third category state information systems and registers managed by the Office – GEOLIS and RLD;
  • Information managed by the Office (including information contained in the Office’s information systems);
  • Software and hardware;
  • Physical environment;
  • Documents that store information;
  • The Office’s information security management processes, documentation and other aspects relevant to information security.

Lithuanian Geological Survey was satisfied with the competence of ADWISERY experts, the ability to delve into the Organization needs and the deadlines for the implementation of contractual obligations and provided a feedback.