ADWISERY has successfully performed information security and compliance risk assessment of information systems managed by the STI – State Tax Inspectorate (VMI)

Adwisery experts successfully implemented information security and compliance assessment of 12 information systems managed by the STI.

During the implementation of the agreement (project), the following Information Security risk and compliance assessment services were provided:

  1. Compliance assessment of 11 units of I category state information systems and registers managed by STI, 1 pc. Assessment of the compliance of the Category II information system and the STI Work Organization and Document Management Information System (DODVS) with the requirements of these legal acts and Lithuanian standards was performed;
  2. The information security risk assessment of these information systems managed by the STI and other assets managed by the STI, including information in non-STI information systems, STI employees, software and hardware managed by the STI, and information related to the information security management of the STI was performed.

The results of the project helped the STI to identify the most important non-compliances with the requirements of Lithuanian legislation and international standards and to prepare a plan of information security risk management measures in order to properly manage information and cyber security risks.

The STI was satisfied with the competence of the Adwisery experts involved in the project, the ability to delve into the needs of the organization and the deadlines for the implementation of contractual obligations, and provided feedback.