We started implementing SHIF Risk Management and Network Monitoring software conversion to a new type of licensing and support service project

ADWISERY experts at the State Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (hereinafter SHIF) have started implementing a project to change Stealthwatch, a manufacturer of risk management and network monitoring software, to a new licensing type, the right to use this software and its manufacturer’s warranty and support services.

* Abbreviations and explanations

  • RMNM – Risk Management and Network Monitoring
  • „Cisco“ – software manufacturer
  • „Stealthwatch“ – Cisco RMNM Software


  • Change RMNM Manufacturer Cisco Software Stealthwatch to a New Cisco Software Stealthwatch Licensing Type (Software Migration);
  • Grant the right to use RMNM manufacturer’s Cisco software, Stealthwatch, and provide a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty and support.


  • Ensure RMNM functionality used by SHIF and manufacturer support.

Estimated duration of service:

Beginning2021 NovemberEstimated
1 month
End2021 December