About Us

Adwisery vision

Leading company that follows the practices of socially responsible business, changes markets with wise solutions and helps organizations to operate differently.

ADWISERY is a socially responsible organization, which considers not only economic, but also ecologic and social aspects in its work.

Adwisery mission

Change the steady mind-set of our own, our customers and partners, search, develop and implement wise solutions that help organizations to operate differently and change markets, where we operate, with our solutions.

Adwisery values

  • We share the knowledge and experience we have gathered with our clients, partners and society. We are open to opinions, advice and reasoned criticism. We work transparently and adhere to business ethics and other principles of honest and socially responsible business.
  • We feel responsible for not just providing the highest quality of services and consultations to our clients and partners, but also for making our contribution to the creation of social welfare felt in all countries where we work.
  • We attentively listen to each client’s and partner’s needs. We are also attentive to our environment and people. We strive to make our work useful not only for the present, but also future generations.

Company achievements