ADWISERY has implemented the project “Support and Development Services for the Privileged User Access Management System of the National Health Insurance Fund and the Territorial Health Insurance Fund”

The experts have provided support and development services for VLK and TLK’s privileged user access control system (software – Quest TPAM manufactured by Dell Software) at the VLK.

While executing the project, support services for the Privileged User Access Management System (hereinafter referred to as the System) have been provided for a period of 36 months, which included:

  1. System administration;
  2. Advising the system administrator on the operation of the System;
  3. Assistance to the system administrator in resolving problematic situations encountered;
  4. Preparation of recommendations on how to avoid possible disturbances;
  5. Preparation and submission of reports on the System supervision, actions taken and disturbances that has occurred;
  6. Analysis of the use and need for technical resources;
  7. Maintenance and updating of the System software, etc.

Moreover, other System support and development services has been also provided according to individual orders of the Client.

The VLK remained satisfied with the expertise of the ADWISERY team of experts and their listening to the VLK and TLK needs and provided feedback.