ADWISERY carried out Information systems E. Invoice feasibility study preparation services

At the National Center for General Functions (hereinafter – NCGF), we performed the information system “E.Invoice feasibility study preparation services.

During the implementation of the Agreement in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, the IS “E. Invoice “feasibility study for IS” E. modernization, which included:

  • E-invoice ”manager change;
  • IS “E. Invoice” from the IT infrastructure of the State Enterprise Center of Registers;
  • Solutions that allow data exchange through applications;
  • Change of database from Oracle to SQL, analysis and evaluation services.

Prepared by IS “E. Invoice” feasibility study of modernization, which describes these results:

  1. Project summary;
  2. The results of the analysis of the field of activity the performance functions of which are to be computerized;
  3. Results of environmental analysis;
  4. Results of the analysis of computerized business processes that will change with the change of manager;
  5. Results of the analysis of information system modernization possibilities and alternatives;
  6. Detailed description of the chosen alternative;
  7. A plan for the implementation of the modernization works, allocating activities as follows to the current IS manager, manager and owner of the new IT infrastructure;
  8. Results of the analysis of the costs and requirements for the modernization and further maintenance of the modernization of the information system;
  9. Results of the analysis of changes in the legal framework;
  10. Results of the evaluation of the financial, economic and social benefits of modernization;
  11. Results of modernization risk analysis;
  12. Conclusions and recommendations.

NCGF was satisfied with the competence of ADWISERY experts and provided a feedback .