ADWISERY experts have started to provide the service project for the study investment project preparation of information systems connection and modernization possibilities

ADWISERY experts at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania have started a feasibility study investment project preparation service project for connecting and modernizing cultural heritage information systems and integrating them into other state information systems.

ADWISERY experts carried out a service project for the feasibility study/investment project preparation for the implementation of information technology solutions

At the State Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health together with the – UAB “Informacinės konsultacijos”we implemented a service project for the preparation of an implementation feasibility study of IT solutions with cost accounting for personal health care institutions.

ADWISERY experts have launched a service project for evaluation and optimization of activities and laboratory research processes of the Department of Environmental Research and the use of laboratory research

ADWISERY experts together with joint venture partners JSC Corporate Securitus at the Environmental Protection Agency have started a service project for evaluation and optimization of the activities of the Agency’s Environmental Research Department and laboratory research processes and used laboratory research (LRMIS).

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