ADWISERY carried out IT solution implementation services technical specification preparation and maintenance services

At the Center for Health Education and Disease Prevention (hereinafter – CHEDP), we performed the technical specification and maintenance services for the implementation and adaptation of the Information Technology Solution (hereinafter – IT Solution) to improve the management of public health promotion (hereinafter – PHP) services.

During the implementation of the contract, we prepared a technical specification for the IT solution implementation and adaptation services to improve the needs of IT solution service management, in which we detailed:

  • Functional IT Solution requirements;
  • Non – functional requirements for the IT solution;
  • IT Solution Security Requirements;
  • IT Solution Technological Requirements;
  • Requirements for the IT Solution user interface;
  • Requirements for IT Solution data exchange and integration;
  • Requirements for IT Solution maintenance and service.

After CHEDP acquired IT Solution implementation and customization PHP services, we provided full IT Solution implementation maintenance services (hereinafter – Maintenance):

  • We have prepared and agreed on a Maintenance Plan;
  • We performed the assessment of the compliance of the IT Solution implementation with the Technical Specification;
  • We checked the compliance of the IT Solution installation and customization services with the technical specification;
  • We performed the evaluation and testing of the final results of the IT Solution implementation and customization services.

CHEDP was satisfied with the competence of ADWISERY experts, the ability to delve into the Company’s needs and the deadlines for the implementation of contractual obligations and provided a feedback .