Project and risk management

Smart Solutions for a Smart City

Experts of ADWISERY company and the representatives of „A-UNION“ community are searching, developing and implementing smart city solutions.

In order to contribute to the development and implementation of the concept of a smart city, we constantly seek and implement in practice the ideas of how to make cities more attractive, and how to make the daily life of cities more convenient.

Let’s make OUR CITIES smart!

At present, the experts of ADWISERY company and the representatives of „A-UNION“ community are developing the following smart city solutions:

  • Concept of the development of the smart system of the smart city for vehicle tracking and parking

ADWISERY company is open to the ideas or observations of any new member of „A-UNION“ community or discoveries in the field of the development of our ideas, we are also open to the suggestions of investors on the financing of the development and/or implementation of ideas. Share them with us by writing us an email to indicating “Wise Solutions” in the subject field, or contact the contact person by phone.

Contact person

Ernestas Lipnickas
Mobile: +370 (605) 44 444