ADWISERY carried out an Investment Project Preparation Services project

We have prepared an application for an Investment Project for the Center for Health Education and Diseases Prevention (hereinafter – CHEDP) in accordance with the methodology of preparation of investment projects approved by the Director of the Central Project Management Agency in 2014. 31 December by order no. 2014 / 8-337 for which funding is sought from the European Union structural assistance and / or state budget funds.

We prepared an Investment Project Application for the SMLPC, during the preparation of which we provided such services:

  • An overview of existing public health management systems and data collection;
  • Analysis of business processes transferred to the electronic medium;
  • Identified and analysed project implementation options and alternatives;
  • Described in detail the chosen alternative as the optimal project solution;
  • Have prepared a detailed description of the Project and an implementation plan;
  • Have analysed the legal framework and prepared and made proposals for its improvement;
  • Provided analysis of maintenance costs and requirements;
  • Provided financial, economic and social evaluation of the benefits of the Project;
  • Provided risk analysis and assessment, we have prepared and submitted proposals to mitigate or reduce the identified risks;
  • Have prepared and provided an analysis of alternatives to the required hardware: servers, laptops and tablets that will use the system;
  • The prepared Investment Project consisted of the following parts:
    • Summary;
    • Project context;
    • Project content;
    • Project opportunities and alternatives;
    • Financial analysis;
    • Economic analysis;
    • Risk;
    • Project implementation plan.

The SMLPC was satisfied with the competence of ADWISERY experts, the ability to delve into the Company’s needs and the deadlines for the implementation of contractual obligations and provided a feedback.