ADWISERY carried out Risk management and network monitoring warranty and support services

We carried out risk management and network monitoring assurance and support services to the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (hereinafter NHIF).

During the implementation of the contract:

  • Was prepared by the Risk Management and Network Monitoring (hereinafter – RMNM) manufacturer Cisco software – the replacement of Stealthwatch with the new manufacturer Cisco software Stealthwatch licensing type, use of this software and its manufacturer’s warranty and support services included the following works:
    • RMNM Vendor – Cisco Software – Stealthwatch Migration Services to New Cisco Stealthwatch Licensing Type;
    • RMNM Manufacturer’s Cisco Software – Stealthwatch Software and 24-month (twenty-four) month warranty and support.

NHIF was satisfied with the competence of ADWISERY experts, the ability to delve into the Company’s needs and the deadlines for the implementation of contractual obligations and provided a feedback .