ADWISERY carried out the project “Development of a technical specification for a unified information and consultation information system”

During the implementation of the Investment Project and in accordance with the terms of the agreement and the provisions of the Description of the Procedure for Establishment, Development, Modernization and Liquidation of State Information Systems and the State Information Systems Life Cycle Management Methodology for the Customs Department under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – Customs Department) a technical specification was prepared for the acquisition of services for the development and implementation of software for the unified information and consultation information system (hereinafter – UICIS) (with integrated functions of request management, call center and information database) (hereinafter – Technical Specification).

We prepared the UICIS technical specification for the Customs Department, during the preparation of which we provided such services:

  • performed an analysis of the Project results, activities implemented by the Investment Project and expected results;
  • in the Project we detailed the needs of the Digitized Contracting Authority’s field of activity and identified the possible technological implementation means;
  • assessed and detailed the needs of the Contracting Authority for the functionality of the Knowledge Tree, as well as set requirements for the solutions of the Knowledge Tree and its integration into the system UICIS;
  • performed an analysis of the needs of the Contracting Authority to obtain and display information from other customs information systems in the UICIS system, to identify the data sources required to meet these needs;
  • based on the performed analysis, we specified the functional requirements by providing information using BPMN notations and requirements description templates;
  • assessed the relationship of UICIS with the ICT equipment and telephony services for the workplaces of the UIC center and the resulting requirements for UICIS and presented possible alternatives;
  • assessed the existing technical (technological) solutions of the Contracting Authority and the possibilities to use the existing integration interfaces for the implementation of the objectives of the UICIS project and established the requirements for the integration of UICIS into the functional and technical infrastructure of the Contracting Authority;
  • prepared a report on the performance of the above activities and the results obtained during them, in which we described the possible alternatives and the justification of the proposed requirements for the development of UICIS;
  • prepared and agreed with the Contracting Authority the draft UICIS technical specification and submitted proposals for market research for the procurement of services in accordance with this technical specification;
  • prepared and submitted proposals regarding the qualification requirements for the participants of the development and implementation of public procurement UICIS services and the determination of the economic efficiency and evaluation criteria for the evaluation of their proposals.