ADWISERY experts have started a service project for risk analysis of information systems and assessment of security compliance

ADWISERY experts at the Directorate of Motor Roads of Lithuania (hereinafter – Directorate of Roads) have started a project of risk analysis and safety compliance assessment services for state information systems managed and/or managed by the Road Directorate.

* Abbreviations and explanations

  • IS – Information system


  • Provide risk analysis and safety compliance assessment services of Road Directorate’s information systems:
    • Carry out an annual risk and compliance assessment of IS managed by Road Maintenance;
    • Carry out IS safety compliance assessment of Road Directorate;
    • Carry out IS risk assessment Directorate of Roads.


  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of legal acts regulating electronic information security and cyber security.

Estimated duration of service:

Beginning2022 SeptemberEstimated duration2 months
End2022 November