ADWISERY has successfully provided Technology Vulnerability Assessment and Resilience Enhancement services project

Experts have successfully implemented the Technology Vulnerability Assessment and Resilience to Cyber Attack Enhancement services project (agreement) in UAB „Vilniaus vandenys“.

During the implementation of the agreement (project) the following services were provided:

  1. An inspection of the perimeter of the external computer network was performed by simulating the actions of a potential hacker from the Internet with minimal knowledge of the information technology infrastructure of the organization being inspected;
  2. A verification of internal and external information systems, registers and websites operating on the basis of WEB applications was performed;
  3. An inspection report describing the identified vulnerabilities, providing evidence and recommendations on how to eliminate the identified vulnerabilities has been prepared on the basis of the perimeter of the external computer network, internal and external information systems as well as WEB applications operating on registers and websites. The results of the services were presented to the responsible persons.

Implemented services allowed UAB „Vilniaus vandenys“ to identify cyber security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a timely manner and to address them properly.

Company was satisfied with the competence of the ADWISERY experts participating in the project, and provided feedback.