ADWISERY experts carried out a service project for the feasibility study/investment project preparation for the implementation of information technology solutions

At the State Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (hereinafter – SHIF) together with the Contractor – UAB “Informacinės konsultacijos” we implemented a service project for the preparation of an implementation feasibility study of Information Technology solutions with cost accounting for personal health care institutions.

During the implementation of the contract, together with the Contractor, we provided a feasibility study/investment project preparation service project for the implementation of Information Technology solutions related to the cost accounting of personal health care institutions, during which:

  • We performed an analysis of the possibilities of implementing information technology solutions for cost accounting of 15 Personal Health Care Institutions (hereinafter – PHCI) taking into account the currently existing information technology solutions in the institutions, we evaluated the possibilities and alternatives of implementing an optimal PHCI cost accounting information technology solution;
  • We have prepared the Investment Project for the implementation of the Information Technology solution for PHCI cost accounting.

SHIF and Contractor was satisfied with the competence of ADWISERY experts, the ability to delve into the Company’s needs and the deadlines for the implementation of contractual obligations and the Contractor provided a feedback .