ADWISERY has implemented the project of AB Klaipėdos energija” “Information Technology Systems and Information Technology Security Audit, GDBR Compliance Assessment and Consulting Services”

We have provided information technology systems (hereinafter – IS) and information technology (hereinafter – IT) security audit, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter – GDBR) assessment and consulting services, which provided assistance in improvement of IS and IT security management efficiency and reduced risks associated with the processing of personal data.

AB „Klaipėdos energija“ in providing IS and IT security audit, GDBR compliance assessment and consulting services, we have performed the following scope of services:

  • IS and IT security audit;
  • GDBR requirements compliance assessment;
  • IT infrastructure vulnerability assessment;
  • Preparation of documentation constituting the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and cyber security management documentation;
  • Preparation of documentation constituting the Information Technology Services Management System (IT PVS);
  • Preparation of IS and IT security risk assessment report and a plan of risk management measures;
  • Conducting of training for the employees of AB “Klaipėdos energija” in order to acquaint them with the GDBR requirements and how to ensure their implementation.

AB „Klaipėdos energija“ was satisfied with the professionalism of the ADWISERY team of experts, their listening to the needs and the implementation of contractual obligations and provided a feedback.