Information systems audit

Informacijos ir kibernetinio saugumo valdymas

Information systems audit


Information system audit service is aimed at organizations that want to assess how efficient information system is at safeguarding business assets, maintaining the integrity of stored and communicated data also how well information system functionality and overall operations are aligned with businesses objectives. Information system audit will evaluate the choice of information technologies, information system functionality conformance to its technical specification and legal requirements, it will assess risks to a company’s information assets, and will help identify methods to minimize those risks.


  • Evaluate information system functionality against its technical specification
  • Evaluate implementation and configuration of information system against industry standards and legal requirements
  • Evaluate information management processes in the information system against applicable laws and organizations business rules
  • Evaluate information exchange efficiency with other information system (external and internal)
  • Evaluate disaster recovery procedures
  • Evaluate information system’s efficiency in supporting relative business processes
  • Evaluate information system’s security and compliance with GDPR


  • An assessment of how adequate and relevant information system is to the organization’s business process support
  • Identified gaps in coverage of business information in the information system and best-practices based recommendations on closing the gaps
  • Identified risks and weaknesses in information management processes in the context of relevant supported business processes with detailed action plan on how to eliminate those risks and weaknesses
  • Verified regulatory compliance or detailed plan on how to attain regulatory compliance in cases when noncompliance points are identified


  • Improved business information coverage in information systems
  • Improved business information collection process
  • Security information management enabled
  • Improved data availability and integrity
  • Improved GDPR compliance

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